Removing Congratulations popup on Samsung Galaxy A5


The Chrome browser on my Samsung Galaxy A5 was recently taken over by a popup scam saying 'Congratulations, Samsung user' and that I had an unclaimed prize. The only option was to press an OK button - I had to use 'Close all' to close the browser. Obviously I did not click the OK button! I googled the message and came across a few suggested remedies.

How I removed the popup

What worked for me in the end was this:

  1. Close all apps
  2. Uninstall Chrome: Settings - Apps - Chrome - Disable. 'Replace with factory settings?' - yes. Chrome is uninstalled and replaced with factory version.
  3. Without opening any browsers, restart the phone.

I also set the default home page to my own website homepage and deleted all browsing history, and set all privacy and security settings to the most restrictive settings available.

The popup is now gone and I can use the Chrome browser. I will try changing some of the settings to less restrictive settings.

Other methods of removing the popup

On the forums, one user had been able to get their ISP to block the site that was sending the popup.

The most useful advice from the forums was this - but I wasn't able to follow these directions exactly as they are for Galaxy S6:

  1. closing all apps (using the folder icon to the left of the home button)
  2. opening "Settings" and selecting "Applications" - select "Application Manager" and then in all internet browsers (I had the default "Internet" as well as "Chrome") opening them and clearing data and the cache - select "Internet", then "Advanced, then "Manage website data" and then deleting all in history - select "Internet", then "Homepage" and cofirm that "Current page" or "Most visited websites" isn't selected and that the Default page is selected and NOT navigated to the offending site
  3. restarting the phone before opening any browser.