Mouse and Egg - Using Painter Lite


Mouse and Egg line drawingHere's my first experiment with Corel Painter Lite. Very wobbly! The scanned drawing was on the first layer, and I drew over it with the 'thick and thin pen' tool, with brown ink, then hid the original drawing. It's quite difficult drawing with the stylus but I'm sure I can get used to it – although it's too small, only 10 x 15 cm drawing surface.

The main thing is that the lines do look like a pen and ink drawing – fading in and out and with varying line width – and they're the colour I want them to be. I already like the effect better than anything I've done with photo editing or vector illustration tools.

Mouse and Egg in front of a bush

I inserted a grass texture, and a photo of a bush. I had already coloured Mouse and Egg (there's a Lasso tool in Photoshop Elements and the Pen tool in Photoshop for selecting part of an image).