Evolution of Mouse and Egg ebook: Illustrations

Mouse and Egg look at the manual for putting up the tent Now I've more or less figured out the process I want to use for creating the illustrations for Mouse and Egg, I will add a post for each step towards completing the book and publishing it as an ebook. I hope that following this will help other authors and illustrators who want to self-publish.

Last week I re-drew all my original drawings, using my lightbox to trace them onto Fabriano Artistico 180 gsm paper with a Lamy fountain pen and Noodlers ink (my favourite combination for line drawings).

I decided that I don't need to have exactly 32 pages (the standard size for a picture book). Since it will be an ebook with reflowable text, pages are a somewhat irrelevant concept. The standard lengths for picture books are multiples of 8 (usually, 24 or 32 pages) because that suits the printing process. Since this will not be printed, I don't need to worry about that.

The lightbox with a drawing that is being copied

Since I don't have 32 pages I don't need 32 illustrations. That gave me the freedom to cull some that I wasn't particularly happy with - because they didn't really add anything to the story, I'd only drawn them to have something on that page. The words and pictures in a picture book should complement each other, not just say the same thing.

Today I scanned all the drawings I'm planning to use, as 300 dpi black and white, and saved them as TIFF files. The next step will be to convert them to coloured illustrations, using the techniques I described in a previous post (but I hope to refine the process before doing any more).