My first oil painting !!!!!


I promised to do a backdrop for my husband's model train table (we don't have a layout yet, just a table that the trains can go back and forth on).jackstrainbglr I tried acrylic but it was pretty weird. On board, it had a very strange texture. I wasn't enjoying the process.So I decided to try oil paints. Encouraged by the fact that the Riot Art store unaccountably had a stock of Winsor & Newton oil paints for $2 before xmas (I bought them all, sorry there are none left now). Also encouraged by watching my art teacher (Jocelyn Godber) last year working with the other artists, who were using oils. I was working on improving my watercolour technique but an interested observer of the oil painters.

I had already painted the sky and clouds on the MDF board, using spray paints. I painted the whole board white, then tore cloud shapes out of newspaper and sprayed the blue paint on. That worked pretty well.

I used an old mirror as a palette. It was great, I cleaned it up afterwards with newspaper and then a cloth.

I found an old book about painting that had some basic instructions. Mixed up 1 part linseed oil with 3 parts turpentine as a thinner for the tube paints. I expected to use 50/50 linseed oil and turps later but never actually needed it. (That's the fat over lean, I guess I just did lean).

I used a soft charcoal pencil to do a rough drawing.

I squeezed out a few colours onto the mirror and mixed in a bit of the thinner mixture, then got stuck into it with the palette knife and a couple of brushes. I also used a hankie (lint-free cloth).

Two (or was it three?) hours later, I was finished.

What I learned from this is that if you can draw, and paint with watercolour, you can certainly paint with oil - the principles are the same, I think. Composition, tone, etc etc - it's all the same.

I expect there are a whole lot of technical details I've got wrong that I'm not even aware of, but for now, I'm really happy with my first oil painting and my husband is pretty happy with the train backdrop.