Sketching at the zoo


giraffe_cl_tallI spent an afternoon at the zoo yesterday. A weekday, and windy with a chance of rain, so very few visitors were there and the animals were relatively frisky. I took a stool - not used, as every place I wanted to sketch from had a wall or (in the case of fairy penguins) I needed to sit on the ground. I used a wirebound, toned gray sketchbook, and a white and a black charcoal pencil. I don't get how charcoal can be white but that's what it says. This is a very quick way to work, because you only have to put down the darks and the lights. The koala got a bit smudgy when it started raining, and I dropped a new sanguine pencil in the giraffe's pen, but otherwise I was very happy with the results. (I told the zookeepers about the pencil so they could get it out before the giraffe eats it). cheetah_cl fairypenguins_cl koala eating gumleaves