Flash, Powerpoint, cartoons in one weekend

Learning heaps of new things this week.

  • How to create a Flash file
  • How to get it into a web page (use File > Publish, not Export)
  • SVG (scalable vector graphic) files require some kind of add-on to Powerpoint at both ends (creating and viewing it)
  • GIF files are good for putting ink drawings into Powerpoint
  • You can use Live Trace in Illustrator to convert a scanned drawing into a GIF (so you get rid of the paper)

gif file picture of a yak



Why Powerpoint? Trying to get a couple of cartoons in it to liven things up - and I can draw what I want, instead of spending hours searching clipart or other people's drawings.

Check out Dani Jones - interesting blog and a useful page of facial expressions: http://danidraws.com/2007/12/06/50-facial-expressions-and-how-to-draw-them/