When it snows on your sketch, it's time to quit!

Sketching in Langtang, Nepal - March 2013

The watercolour sketch kit I took trekking in Nepal (see earlier post) worked out really well! There are a few things I would change for next time (which I hope will be in February next year):

  • don't take extra tubes of paint
  • reduce the number of pages of watercolour paper
  • make sure all the paints will dry solid
  • take a couple of cheap brushes and some cheap watercolour paper.

Having paint squeezed out of tubes was much more satisfactory than having the hard pan paints. I was able to get darks easily and get plenty of colour quickly.

Some of the children and young people I met were interested in doing a drawing or painting. I gave them a sheet of the sketching paper, a pencil, my small travel box of half-pans, and a brush (no. 10). Here's where the cheap brushes and paper would have been useful - however, they were all very careful with the brush.

The paint I had in the boxes was plenty (about a 5 ml tube of each colour) and I was happy with the colours I chose - especially the pyralene green which I haven't used before. I took an extra 5 ml tube of some colours and did not need any of them (which made me feel guilty about the porter carrying them).

The wirebound sketchbook I had made up was good but there were too many pages (more guilt, but I gave the porter - who watched all my sketching with keen interest - the rest of the Fabriano pages and my pencils, eraser and sharpener). I actually completed about one painting every 2 days and a couple of sketches every day. The size of the pages in the wirebound book was excellent.

I used both the brown and black waterproof pens (but could have made do with just the black ones), and all the brushes.