Travel sketch kit for Nepal

One of the boxes

We're off to Nepal again and I've put together what I hope will be an adequate but lightweight and compact sketch kit.

I got tired of trying to get enough colour out of watercolour pans so I've squeezed paint out of tubes into a couple of plastic boxes with partitions in them.

cadmium red, viridian, pyrelene green,

ultramarine, permanent rose,
alizarin, cerulean and cobalt

The cadmium promptly made its way into the pyrelene green, and ran over the colour chart, but I now have a plastic barrier so it hasn't happened again. I've tried it out and it's quite convenient to use. I would have used one box but of all the boxes I found, the most suitable were these ones, which came filled with nuts and bolts from the $2 shop.

raw sienna, hookers green, raw umber, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, burnt umber, burnt sienna and quinacridone gold
I also have small tubes of neutral tint, indigo, aureolin and cobalt, and a tube of permanent white gouache.

Nepal is such a colourful country there will be plenty of scope to use all of them.

The two boxes and the tubes fit in a small camera bag.
watercolour spiral bound sketchbook
Custom watercolour sketchbook
I'm taking a custom wirebound sketchbook. It's made from a sheet of 300 gsm medium watercolour paper and two sheets of Artistico paper (I think it's about 200 gsm and smooth, also nice for printing). I had them cut into 12th and wirebound along the short side. The size of the book is 20 x 15 cm, or 10 x 7.25 inches - a perfect size for painting mountains.

Here's an earlier version of the kit - I've since discarded the landscape drawing pad and the visual journal (which I'd taken the cover off to save weight - but then decided it's not the ideal size and shape). There are 2 travel brushes and a 1/2 inch flat brush, a sponge, a kneadable eraser (in the black box), a cloth and a waterproof cloth (to put my paints and brushses down on so I don't lose them in the grass), a mechanical pencil with a very hard lead (I still break it a lot so I've got an HB, will see if that works better) and a 2B pencil, and some black and brown waterproof markers (0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and brush), and a couple of bottles for water.