Of birds and banksias

Continuing my monotype experiments, I decided to try 'chine de colle' technique. Let me warn you, there is more to this than you might think from a quick perusal of a few websites and youtube videos. The theory is that you use some type of glue to adhere tissue paper to the print, at the same time as you print the ink onto it. Maybe it works better in a printing press. Anyway, my tissue paper stuck nicely to the surface of the inked plate instead of coming off onto the paper as it was supposed to.

I cut out new pieces of tissue paper and glued them down with the binder medium, then put some watercolour and oil pastel on top. Here's a crooked photo of it. You can see the paper brand imprinted at the bottom - it looks really cool! Not sure if the tissue paper colour is permanent. Anyway it was fun experimenting.

Also did another swamp hen monotype. It's called 'Ready for action'.

And this one - 'Greeting the dawn'.