How to draw a horse (the hard way and the easy way)

My drawing of the pony had encouraged me but I wasn't getting any closer to drawing a decent picture of the horse.

Over the next few weeks I agonised over drawings of the horse.
I came up with this -

I told my friend that, sadly, I was unable to draw horses.

Months later, I found myself at the Bullocks Creek Horse Camp, in the Snowy Mountains. Along with dozens of horse owners and horses, and (we were told) brumbies.
I spent most of the weekend in a frenzy of sketching, painting and photography.
A few of the photos I took are on my Flickr website.

By the end of the weekend I'd figured out that the darn things move around so much, the only way I could get any sort of a likeness was with a brush. Lines didn't work, shading with a pencil was too slow.
Eventually I found that a brush and a couple of shades of watercolour were able to capture something of the stance, the lighting, the form and the character of the horses and ponies.
Here are some of the quick studies I did that weekend.