Simple instructions to edit a video and upload it to the web

I wrote these instructions right after I edited and uploaded the videos - because I knew I'd forget how to do this. IMG_0550

How to edit a video So you've got a video on your camera and you want to put it on the web. But someone said 'Are you taking a video?' in the middle of it, and you rotated the camera while you were taking it. What's the easiest way to put fix it, once you've got it off your camera and onto your computer? You can use iMovie (for Mac) or Movie Maker Live (for Windows) to edit the video. I'm going to talk about Movie Maker Live as that's what I have. They are both free and adequate for this kind of simple editing. If you don't already have Movie Maker Live, you can download it free from Microsoft. It's in the Windows Live Installer package. Install the program. You don't have to install everything that comes with it - choose 'Advanced' and pick 'Windows Live Movie Maker and Photo Gallery' (it seems you can't opt out of getting the photo gallery). Open Movie Maker Live and go to Home. On the right is a window with 'Browse for a file'. Click on it and open the file from your camera. Go to Edit. There will be a thumbnail image of the video on the right, and the larger view on the left. You can play the video and click on the Pause button, or drag the black line across the thumbnail, to get to where you want to cut out a portion of the video or the audio. To cut off the beginning or the end of the video, choose Trim and Start from here or End here. Under Edit there are also buttons for rotating the video left or right. To cut or edit something in the middle, you need to split the video. Choose Split, and then drag the line to the end of the portion you want to edit and choose Split again. Now you have three thumbnail images. If you want to, you can delete the middle one. To edit the audio middle portion, select it and choose Audio. You can change the volume (all the way down to off if you like). Use the Fade In and Fade Out if you think it will sound better. Now you have 2 or 3 sections and you need to make the transitions between them smoother. Go to Animations and select one of the transition effects. You should also set the duration of the transitions.

How to put your video on the web The easiest way to do this is to create a YouTube account and upload it to there. If you already have an iGoogle or Gmail account you can log in to that and create your YouTube account. Once you've set up your account, click on the Upload Videos button. Open Windows Explorer and find the video file, and drag it over to the upload window. Give it a new title and some tags (keywords) and upload it. Log out and search for the video. If you don't find it (because there are 10,000 other videos with the same name by famous people) select the 'by date' option instead of 'by relevance'. You might now decide that you need to change the title or add more tags or a description - or even a location. If you want to edit the video after you've uploaded it, log into your iGoogle or YouTube account and then type the url (with an underscore between my and videos). This will take you to a page that shows your videos with an Edit link next to them. Edit them and press save. How to see YouTube videos on an Android phone Go to Find your video and play it.